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Mucho Cordyceps

Mucho Biotech has built a base of Cordyceps in Taiwan. Its trademarksmall trademark is officially registered and applied to every Mucho Biotech product.


Mucho Cordyceps

Our Cordyceps are artificially cultivated and are standardized by international regulations. We take the NCB1 species of Cordyceps of the America Type Culture Collection (ATCC) as the standard in the purification, domestication, and optimization of Cordyceps species. Genetic engineering is employed in the process to evaluate the authenticity of Cordyceps with impeccable and trustful accuracy. Our line of production abides by the ISO22000 standard, and the quality of Cordyceps are inspected through SGS, including the detection of heavy metals, regulated drugs, biocides, and bacterial contamination. Marker components and nutritional components are also inspected by SGS standards.


Mucho Cordyceps

We develop our line of products with multiple species of Cordyceps. Different species of Cordyceps carry different marker components and trace components, each with different functions. According to Chinese medicine, a coordinated combination multiple components is the way to enhance the efficacy of each one of them.

list imageSix promises of Mucho Cordyceps

  1. 純天然菌種 非基因改造品種
  2. 完全有機無毒栽培 安全可靠
  3. 高營養成份 比野生虫草高出許多
  4. 多種栽培方法 與天然生長完全相同
  5. 完整指標成份 俱全株虫草的全功能
  6. 豐富且珍奇的微蛋白 胜肽與活性物質 含量豐富

list imageStandard strains of Mucho Cordyceps

  1. C. Sinensis
  2. C. Militaris
  3. C. So bolifera
  4. Cordyceps takaomontana
  5. Cordyceps jezoensoides
  6. Cordyceps Formosana
  7. C. Bassiana
  8. C. Shanxiensis

list imageCultivation of Mucho Cordyceps

  1. Solid planting
  2. Rice and egg culture medium
  3. Fungus inplantation
  4. Trans-symbiosis
  5. Fungus fermentation

list imageProducts of Mucho Cordyceps

  1. Precious Cordyceps 3 in 1 (C. Sinensis, Cordyceps militaris, Cordyceps Formosana)
  2. Cordyceps & Taiwanofungus camphoratus drink
  3. Decoction made with “four treasures” and “ten precious ingredients”
  4. Products made with Cordyceps & Ginseng Extract
  5. Products made with Cordyceps & swiftlet nest
  6. Products made with Cordyceps and herbs
  7. Health care products made with Cordyceps and herbs

list imageComponents of Mucho Cordyceps

Valuable ingredients Special ingredients Antioxidants
cordycepin, adenosine, cordycepic acid, Cordyceps polysaccharides Cordyceps polypeptide, Cordyceps micro-proteins, nucleoside derivatives, enzymes SOD, carotenoid, glutathione
More than 20 amino acid combinations necessary for human body—Arginine, tryptophan, glutamic acid, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, phenylalanine, threonine, methionine, etc.
Trace elements (more than 30 kinds)
Selenium, zinc, manganese, magnesium, copper, calcium, iron, chromium, strontium, vanadium, tin, zirconium, molybdenum, boron, iodine, silicon, potassium, chlorine, etc.
Vitamins (more than 9 kinds)
Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C,E, K, PP, etc.

list imageSGS inspection form

  Mucho rice-base Cordyceps Mucho egg-base Cordyceps Mucho silkworm Cordyceps
No heavy metals added UB/2009/B0336A-04 UB/2010/10568A-03 UB/2009//A0390A-03
No ingredients from western medicine UB/2009/B0336A-01 UB/2010/10568A-01 UB/2009/A0390
Pesticide inspection UB/2009/B0336A-02 UB/2010/10568A UB/2009/A0390A-01
Bacteria inspection UB/2009/70120 N/A UB/2009/A0390A-05
Cordyceps ingredient analysis UB/2009/B0336A-05 UB/2010/10568A-02 UB/2009/A0390A-04
Cordyceps adenosine inspection UB/2010/30935 UB/2010/30936 UB/2010/30934